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Cochamó Valley camping - Camping La Junta  Cochamó Valley camping - Camping La Junta

Surrounded by granite walls, waterfalls and old forest, you can camp at the valley's epicenter located near an old refugio along a grassy stretch of open pampa along the Cochamó River. Camping La Junta makes the ideal base for climbing and trekking in the valley. The camping includes running water, solar showers and composting toliets. More amenities are shown below.

Remember, in Cochamó Valley up to El Arco is private land and you need to have permission to camp. Respect the land owners and get permission before camping.


High Season

(January and February)
per person per night

Low Season

(October through December, March until closing)
per person per night

$4,000 pesos (~US$8)


$3,000 pesos (~US$6)

Long-term stays: Climbers or others planning on staying long periods will receive a special per week or month price.

* Children 9 or under stay for free and do not need to register.


Amenities included at the camping in La Junta are:

  • roofed house with fire pit
  • running water
  • solar showers
  • large sink for washing dishes
  • beautiful campsites on open meadow next to the river
  • composting toliets
  • information board with maps, hike descriptions, climbing info, etc.

  • Important notes:

  • No garbage services. Visitors must carry out their garbage and help keep this pristine valley clean.
  • No vehicle access. Acces to Camping La Junta is walking or horseback via an 11-kilometer trail that takes 4 to 6 hours to reach. The trail is not apt for bicicles.
  • No medical facilities. The closest first-aid clinic is in the Cochamó town, and the closest hospital in Puerto Varas. In case of an emergency, it may take a day to days to transport a patient.
  • No electricity nor cell phone coverage. If you need to charge your phone, camera or other device, you must do it before leaving or by returning to town.

  • Cooking. You should bring a camp stove. You can buy butane cartriges, as shown in the image, and white gas (bencina blanca) at most large hardware stores in Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas. Also bring your your own cookware if you plan to continue your trek towards Argentina or other higher valley destinations. Oh, and don't forget the sponge and hopefully biodegradable dish soap.

    Campground Norms

  • Take out everything you bring in. There is no garbage service.
  • Keep your trash near your tent and out of reach of dogs and birds. DON'T leave any garbage in the shared cooking areas.
  • Don't arm new fire pits.
  • Usar los baños de forma correcta. Por favor leer las instrucciones de uso de los baños de compostaje para que funcionen bien. No tirar basura ni toallas higiénicas en éstos (llévalas contigo). Solo tirar papel y aserrín.
  • When gathering firewood, use dry, dead wood, not green or rotten. They only produce smoke and not fire.
  • Don't burn garbage! Don't intoxicate those around you.
  • Dejar los lugares de uso común tal como te gustaría encontrarlos.
  • Respetar las horas de silencio. Sea considerado con los otros visitantes. Hacer silencio luego de las 22:00 horas.
  • No dejar comida. La comida abandonada alimenta los ratones y crea enfermedades como el hanta virus.
  • No nos hacemos responsables por pérdida o daño de tus cosas personales.

  • Other Camping Points

    In Cochamó Valley up to El Arco is private land and you need to have permission to camp. Respect the land owners and get permission before camping.

    Camping Los Coigues. Se emplaza en un entorno natural de gran belleza escél;nica a orillas del Lago Vidal Gormaz en el extremo noreste del lago, con grato ambiente familiar donde es posible descansar en un ambiente puro y natural. Ofecen algunas comidas, pan amasado y a veces queso de campo. © 2008 - 2016