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What is Cochamó?

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Refugio Cochamó 

Camping La Junta

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  Al Centro y Adentro  5.11d  455 m

A classic line that follows splitter cracks and fun face up the center, and literally inside, Pared Atardecer. The climbing provides good pro and safe distances between bolts....

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Hiking into Cochamó Valley & the Refugio Cochamó

The only entrance fee you have to pay to get in Chile's most beautiful Yosemite-like valley is this 4-to-6-hour hike. This obligatory walk or horse ride takes you



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Cochamó's Vistas

& scenic wonders

This Yosemite of Chile offers some of Patagonia's most incredible scenery. These photos give a glimpse, but nothing compares to ...


Cuidemos Cochamó

Para que la gente que va a subir esta temporada tenga consciencia con la naturaleza...


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Buscando Compañeros con Cuerda!

Hola, me llamo Ian. Me gustaría escalar pero solo tengo los zapatos y arnés. Tres amigos y yo estaremos en Cochamó entre 1 abril y 6 abril. Escalo 5.9 y alrededores pero no me importa cual dificultad. Si necesites unos compañeros para escalar avísame por favor! Hi, my name is Ian. I would love to go climbing in Cochamó between April 1 and April 6 but am lacking a rope, quick draws and other gear. If you are in need of climbing partners let me know! Ian unos...

Re: Hasta cundo es la temporada???

Temporada alta de gente es enero y febrero. Leer

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