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lodging in Cochamó Valley - Refugio Cochamó  lodging in Cochamó Valley - Refugio Cochamó

Refugio Cochamó, Cochamó's Bed & Breakfast

*Refugio Cochamó CLOSED for the winter. The Refugio Cochamó will be closed until December 2016.

Reservations: You can make reservations for the upcoming season starting in September. Camping La Junta maintains a different schedule.

about the Refugio Cochamó

From the Refugio Cochamó's (bed & breakfast) centric location, visitors, hikers and climbers can take in excellent views of the surrounding valley - granite walls, waterfalls, rivers and amazing forest - making it an ideal base to venture off from to hike, climb, spend a beach day at the river and fish. The Refugio Cochamó offers comfortable private rooms, a shared bunk room, home-cooked meals, hot showers, shared kitchen and clean bathrooms.

The hosts, Silvina and her husband Daniel, hiked into the valley to climb the 1000-meter walls in 2000, fell in love with this remote paradise and soon after built and opened this bed and breakfast. Today they, along with their 9-year-old son Zen and nature-loving friends, run the newly built refugio and spend their free time rock climbing, hiking and exploring.

Private room includes a queen size bed, bedding and towels.

Bunk room has very confortable cushions but does not include bedding. Bunkers should bring their own sleeping bags or reserve bedding for an addition cost. Bedding is limited. Why, you may ask. Since not enough power is generated to run a washing machine, everything is handwashed, and washing by hand is labourous, long process we prefer to limit.

The kitchen offers a variety of home-made meals including their oven-baked pizzas, whole-wheat bread and dinners with whole grains and vegetables from their organic garden. Check out the Refugio Cochamó's kitchen page for more info. Also, there's a shared kitchen with a gas stove, cookware, dishes, utensils and sink where you can cook your own meals.

Electricty. Even though the Refugio Cochamó uses mainly candles to provide night-time lighting, it generates a small amount of electricity. If there is sufficient power, given the time of the year and consumption needs, guests can charge smartphone, tablets and cameras. Items like hair dryers and curling irons, however, will blow up the system. Leave them behind.

Internet. In this isolated valley, Refugio Cochamó offers limited Internet for an additional cost but no WiFi. The satelite connection allows for a sluggish connection. The Refugio provides a computer to send emails, check forecast, chat, etc.

Three shared bathrooms provide hot showers heated by a wood-burning furnace.

Important to know:

  • No celular coverage or phone service.
  • Refugio Cochamó doesn't accept credit cards. It's possible to prepay via bank deposit.
  • Closest ATM machine is in Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt. There are no ATMs in Cochamó town.

     Price List

      private room during spring & autumn (November, April)

      $37,000 pesos (~US$51)   

      private room during summer (December through March)

      $39,000 pesos (~US$54)

      Consists of one king size bed and bedding. Accomodation includes breakfast.

      bed in bunk room during spring & autumn (November, April)

      $13,000 pesos (~US$18)

      bed in bunk room during summer (December through March)

      $15,000 pesos (~US$20)

      Bunk beds do not include bedding, so bring your own sleeping bag. You can reserve bedding for and additional cost. Bedding is limited.
      Accomodation includes breakfast.

      *Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
      Refugio Cochamó is open from November 2016 through March 2017.

    Make a reservation.
    Make a reservation.


    Check availability.
    Check availability.


    See photos of Refugio Cochamó.
    See photos of Refugio Cochamó


    Refugio Cochamó's Kitchen
    Refugio Cochamó's Kitchen

    Amenities included at Refugio Cochamó:

  • Home-cooked meals. See Refugio Cochamó's kitchen page.
  • Hot water showers. They run a wood-burning water heater the provides hot showers.
  • Shared kitchen. It includes gas stove, sink, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, food storage.
  • Electricity for charging cameras, phones, computers, ect. Even though it´s mainly a candle lit environment, you can bring and charge your electronics if there is sufficient power.
  • Internet via satelite connection through the Refugio's computer but no wifi.
  • Private rooms with queen size beds, linens, blankets, pillows.
  • Shared bunk room with thick comfortable cushions but bring your own sleeping bag or for an additional cost you can get a sleeping bag and liner there.
  • Dining-living area.
  • Wash room for hand washing your own clothing.
  • Large roofed deck to enjoy the outside even if it's raining.
  • Musical instruments. A guitar, dijiridus, drums, flutes and more hang from the walls and invite live music. On the other hand, the hosts maintain a quiet environment when people are sleeping.
  • Library of board games, magazines and books.

  • You'll need to bring:

  • head lamp,
  • towel,
  • food. Whether you plan to cook yourself or buy meals at the refugio, you should bring favorite snacks.
  • sleeping bag, (Unless you plan:
       - to stay in the private rooms. They include bed linens, blankets and towels.
       - or you intend to rent one for staying in the bunk room.)
  • personal items,
  • rain gear,
  • waterproof hiking boots or rubber boots,
  • extra socks.

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