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20 de octubre, 2014

Late Oct - Nov 12 Climbing

mensaje de Bjorn Bauer

I'll be in Chile starting Oct 22 and want to head to Cochamo before I leave. Have a double rack but no rope. Also will be potentially returning Dec 1-14.

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2 de octubre, 2014

Climbing in January

mensaje de Dane

Hey my name is Dane. I am coming over from Ireland and planning on hitting the valley early January and it is now looking like i will be partnerless!! So looking for an easy going climbing partner for Sport and Trad and possibly a big wall of some sort! Also hoping to maybe develop a route or 2.I will have full trad rack and ropes with me. I don't mind level you are as long as you want to climb, laugh, drink a few cold ones and generally have the CRAIC!!!

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29 de octubre, 2014

Climbing Cochamo Late November until mid February

mensaje de Andrew Andraski

Hey Dane,

It looks like our plans should overlap and work out well. I will be solo and plan to bring a single 70m rope and about a double rack up to 4" pieces. I'd be psyched to share a rope with you. If anyone else will be looking for a partner in the valley from about Nov. 15 to Feb. 15, I hope to be there until my 90 day travel visa runs out!


12 de octubre, 2014

Will you still be there in February?

mensaje de Thomas Martin

Hey Dane, I will be spending the month of January in El Frey and the month of February in Cochamo. Will you still be there? It sounds like our climbing interests are the same.


5 de septiembre, 2014

looking for December partner

mensaje de Willy

Will arrive for 1 1/2 month stay. Looking to repeat the classic long routes and maybe open a route. Any one interested?

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29 de septiembre, 2014

Re: looking for December partner

mensaje de David

I am absolutely interested. I am flying into Buenos Aires on Thanksgiving (November 27th) and am looking to climb all December.


1 de agosto, 2014

Our stay at the Refugio Cochamo

mensaje de Tim & Kelley

What an awesome time we had in Cochamo Valley and stay at with the Refugio Cochamo family and employees we met. Look forward to returning one day. Hope you have some Tabano Beer for next time. Thank you.

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23 de febrero, 2014

Looking for partner with gear, sport or trad

mensaje de Blake

Hola! My name is Blake, 28 year old female American, looking for climbing partners for March, around 7-20, my dates are someone flexible as I will be in Osorno looking for good weather. I have been climbing hard in Utah´s desert for a few years, sport 5.11-. My trad leading is limited but I have followed on some incredible lines througout Utah and Nevada. I am a smart climber, guided sport climbing trips in Utah, physically fit and excited to get on some of Chile´s granite. Please let me know if you are interested in a belayer :)

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18 de marzo, 2014

Re: Looking for partner with gear, sport or trad

mensaje de chris

hey blake my name is chris, my friends nate and cooper were just in cochamo but left already if you find yourself in frey and the next week you should ask around for us...;)


14 de febrero, 2014

looking for climbing partner

mensaje de hector

hello there , i am looking for someone to climb with, we will be there from the 17 feb until 1 march. i have about 4 years of experience in trad and alpine climbing, and sport climbing since the year 1999. I would like to climb there any kind of routes, just climb. see you soon. hector

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30 de enero, 2014

Looking For Partners

mensaje de Crystal Martel

Hola Amigos! I'm looking for climbing partners for the last week of February. I'll be there with my friend for the first few weeks of February, but he'll leave and I'll be looking for new partners to climb with. I climb at around 5.11 and lead at around 5.10b/c traditional climbing. I'm not sure how these grades translate to Cochamo grades, but I'll find out soon enough! Also, I'll be looking for hiking partners if there are no available climbing partners. Salud! Crystal

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11 de febrero, 2014

Re: Looking For Partners

mensaje de Jordan Collins

Ill be their in cochamo tomorrow or the next day and will be partnerless. so if your still looking for someone to climb with.


20 de enero, 2014

Climbing partners 1st week of March

mensaje de Boris

Hi, I'm looking for climbing partners for the first week of March, for multi-pitch routes in Cochamó. I don't have that much experience in leading trad climb but I can follow everywhere in 5.11. I've got a few pieces of gear and a 10.2 rope. Very motivated, good physical state, 23, France. Contact me, hope to see you soon! ---------- Hola cabros, estoy buscando compañeros para escalar multi-largo en Cochamó durante la primera semana de Marzo. No tengo mucha experiencia en escalada tradicional de primero, pero puedo seguir sin problema en 5.11. Tengo algunas piezas de equipo y una cuerda de 10.2. Grande motivación, buena forma, 23, franchute. Contactame, hasta pronto!

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18 de enero, 2014

Trekking Cochamo Round or Valle Rio Puelo

mensaje de Dinah Lee

Hi, my partner and are looking at trekking either the Cochamp Round or the Rio Puelo Valley. We are both on our fifties, out of shape but surprisingly have done some trekking in north central Peru with no real problem (agInst Ll odds if we'd only known before we went!). Anyway, this year we are wondering just really hpw strenuous the Round is. We would like to do around 15 km prr day, camping and taking it easy. We have about 10 days. Thanks Thannks

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19 de enero, 2014

Re: Trekking Cochamo Round or Valle Rio Puelo

mensaje de Martin

Hi, I have done Cochamo round 10 years ago. From Cochamo, we took 7 days. No problem with fine weather, but with rain I won't do. Take insect repellent and a white shirt and hat against tabanos (big horse flies, awful). First 4 days to Lago Vidal are great. After that there is more people and less nature. Checkout


8 de enero, 2014

Downloading all the topos at once.

mensaje de PePe

Hi. Preparing my trip to cochamo this year I decided to download all the topos so I can have my phone with me and look at them if necessary but the site doesn't allow you to download them all at once so I created a small script. if you have mac/linux, run in on a terminal, if you have windows ask you mac friend to download it for you. mkdir ~/Desktop/cochamotopos && cd ~/Desktop/cochamotopos for i in `curl ""|grep url|awk '{ print $2}'|cut -d'"' -f2`; do curl -O $i; done that is two lines. paste on the terminal and wait until is done. all the files will be downloaded to ~/Desktop/cochamotopos I know is geeky but I it works. Enjoy! ES: copia las lineas en el terminal de tu mac/linux y el script bajara todos los topos a la carpeta ~/Desktop/cochamotopos. Que disfrutes.

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3 de enero, 2014


mensaje de pablo

Hola soy pablo codoceo, voy a estar la segunda semana de enero en la junta y busco un parner para escalar

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8 de enero, 2014

Re: escalada

mensaje de Dan Arcifa

hola We are arriving at cochamo valley on 12th january, but we ll be aroud at cochamo town on11th, we ll be doing a masive opening new route, so if you fancy join us, will be very welcome. on 11th i ll check my e mail at town.


1 de enero, 2014

looking for climbingpartner

mensaje de Franz

I'm looking for a climbingpartner in the second week in january. Climbed a lot in the alpes and yosemite. I also lead trad, but can just bring my harnes and shoes. Actually, I'm on a biketrip and very happy to do some routes. Answer to: franzenstein at

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8 de enero, 2014

Re: looking for climbingpartner

mensaje de Dan

Hi We are arriving at valley on 12th january for a massive new route opening , actually we ned another guy to help us , so if you fancy , we ll be at cochamo town on 11th afternoon, so i may check internet on saturday (11th) and we could organize to meet you in town Dan Arcifa


26 de diciembre, 2013

Cochamo Enero / January

mensaje de Lee Anne

Hola / Hello, I will be looking for a partner for the first couple weeks of January. I'm interested in getting on some classics, with the less aid, the better. Send a msg if you're interested in sharing transportation to the trailhead somewhere around Dec 30-Jan 2. See you all soon, Lee Anne

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18 de diciembre, 2013

Searching partner

mensaje de Martin

Hi, my name is Martin. I will be in la Junta around 28.01.14 - 14.02.14, so far alone. I am an experienced alpine climber until 5.11. I also have opened some routes in the Anfiteatro and elsewhere in Chile. I am looking for partners, climbing whatever looks good. I also talk spanish well. Martin Waldhoer, age 46, Germany

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8 de enero, 2014

Re: Searching partner

mensaje de Dan Arcifa

Hi Martin we are arriving at valley on 12th for a massive new route openning so if you fancy help us all the lugagge and suplies would be very welcome, we ll be at cochamo town on 11th afternoon and i may check my e mail if any news.


18 de diciembre, 2013

Re: Searching partner

mensaje de Daniel

Wow Martin. Looking forward to your visit! Muchos saludos.


14 de diciembre, 2013

Buscando a Micheal Sanchez

mensaje de Martin

Hola Micheal / Daniel / otros estoy planificando ir a Cochamo en enero-febrero,la primera vez despues de 2008. Michael no responde en su mail. Donde ha ido a parar? Al final estoy buscando un buen companero. !!! Recluta Micheal, presentese al tiro!!!

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